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Meet the Team

Noel Maher


Noel Maher has been a small business operator for the past 22 years owning two newsagency businesses, a landscaping franchise and now a finance business for the past 16 years. He has confronted the daunting task of managing finances first hand throughout his self-employment life and as a result developed a thorough understanding of the best methods to manage it.

The skills and experience developed by Noel guarantee that he will deliver first class service each and every time. He listens to understand your needs then delivers a variety of suitable options for you to then make an informed decision.

Noel has a personal service message to all of his customers and it states –“My commitment to you ‘the consumer’ is to guarantee that I will provide a home loan service with products suited to your needs. You will make the final decision, as you will be provided with all the up-to-date lender information. Home loans are generally the largest financial commitment a person can make so you will be confident your choice is the best choice”.

Noel Maher is a Credit Representative (Credit Representative No. 391234) of BLSSA Pty Ltd (Australian Credit Licence No. 391237)

Jason Connell


Jason Connell has been either employed or self-employed within the banking and finance industry for the past 30 years. He states the most dominate ingredient in all financial transactions is the human element. People like to be treated respectfully and furnished with all the lending information so they feel in control. Buying a home, business or commercial property is one of the biggest financial commitments and with this comes stress so the more understanding the customer has the more confident they are in their decision/s.

Jason prides himself on being a people person able to communicate effectively with all walks of life. This skill is very reflective in his customer base as he services the rural farmer through to the big city barrister and all with the same high level of devotion and care.

There are no ‘bells and whistles’ with Jason as what you see is what you get – a package of reliability, honestly and dedicated hard work to get the results you require.

Jason Connell is a Credit Representative (Credit Representative No. 389878) of BLSSA Pty Ltd (Australian Credit Licence No. 391237)

Lee-Maree Maher


Lee-Maree is the office manager tasked with ensuring the business runs like clock-work. Her functions are many and varied but ultimately her function is to ensure the communication between the buyer, lender and solicitor are all in-sync culminating in the settlement being achieved on time every time.

Finance is an industry reliant upon efficiency, communication and competency so an experienced operator is one who can bring together all essential ingredients to make things happen. Lee-Maree is one such person who can facilitate the changes needed to satisfy all parties in property transactions and importantly ‘make it happen’.

Just like the rest of our team your meetings or communication with Lee-Maree will always be a pleasant, courteous and focused on meeting your necessities. Lee-Maree brings a nice balance to the team offering the feminine touch and the competency of her many years of administrational responsibilities.

Our Motto

Our team motto is ‘our business is your future’ which simply means our business is designed to assist our customers with all the know-how and tools to build a sustainable and prosperous future.

As a business we acknowledge that we have done a good job for our customer/s when they contact us for repeat business opportunities or refer family and/or friends to our service. This alone is the recognition of successful people and processes in action to get results for our customers. We strive for these results basing our business and personal reputations on the line and that is why we continue to grow and retain our clientele.

Any business can have the modern gadgets and clever gimmicks but if they are lacking the ‘old fashion personal service’ they will not last. We can all live in a modern world and still enjoy the benefits of the past where you truly were respected as a person. This is how we live and operate for our valued customers.